Harry Potter and the Kenmare Connection
Irish Quidditch Team from Kenmare

Poster by saibou-kun at deviantart.com

In the Harry Potter series of novels by author J.K. Rowling, there is a sport called Quidditch, involving wizards flying around on broomsticks.  In the wizarding world, the professional quidditch teams are highly celebrated and followed with as much fervour as Rugby (or Football) is in the non-wizarding world.

The team that represents the Republic of Ireland is called the Kenmare Kestrels, and they hail from our lovely little town in County Kerry.  In fact, long before Harry Potter was written, our local sports teams were often called the Kenmare Kestrels, due to the alliteration as well as the presence of actual kestrels/falcons in the area.

We don’t, of course, deny the possibility of witches and wizards flying through the skies.  Just stop by around Halloween, and you’ll find your fair share!