Visiting Ireland’s beautiful Ring of Kerry
If you are planning a visit to Ireland, you are in for a treat. In many of the smaller towns, you will be greeted with abundant greenness and the true Beauty of Ireland will become apparent. During your time here, the Ring of Kerry is an absolute must-see.

Ideally, you will want to wait for a nice day or two to tour around this beautiful tourist attraction. If it is pouring down with rain, you may thing about waiting a bit until the weather improves, killing some time by visiting bars and restaurants or shopping. However, you should try not to let the weather bother you, as long as you have the right clothing you can still enjoy exploring the Ring of Kerry.
There are different ways by which to explore the Ring of Kerry, including tour bus, driving by car or cycling. If you begin your tour at Killarney, not long after leaving here you will find the Muckross Estate. This incorporates Muckross House which is an 18th century manor, there are reproductions of Kerry farmhouses from the 1930s at the Muckross Traditional Farms and a 15th century abbey in the form of Muckross Abbey. This is a great little place to come and soak up history and explore old ruins.

Once this has been visited, not far from here is the Torc waterfall. Situated at the base of Torc Mountain, the walk to this dramatic landform is spectacular in itself. You meander through luscious green trees as the light filters through. There is an air of magic and mystery around the area and this is only emphasised when you reach the waterfall. It cascades down a steep, craggy path of rock and splashes down into a pool.

In between Killarney and Kenmare is Ladies’ View. This is one of the most photographed places around the Ring of Kerry and it is easy to see why. Named in honour of Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting when she visited in 1861, this spot is visually stunning. Here, you can overlook the Lakes of Killarney and really get a sense of the beauty of Ireland.

After you pass through Kenmare, you’ll spend a while cruising along the north shore of the Kenmare Bay. There are many activities and adventures to be had on this unique body of water, some of which you can read about in more detail here: A Day on Kenmare Bay.

There are many other amazing sights to see along the Ring of Kerry and the only way to properly experience them is to go there yourself. So much history lies in wait, and you will not be disappointed.