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Enough cannot be said about the freshness of Kenmare’s produce and meats. Whether you’re gathering honey and veggies at the local Co-op, lamb and steak from the Butchers, seafood from the Farmer’s Market, or bread and milk from the shops, you’ll know that it all came from within 50 miles, and was caught, picked or made only hours ago.

Knowing your food is that fresh reminds you that life is to be appreciated, and that mindset sets the standard for the whole town. A day spent walking through Kenmare might seem idle, but it refreshes and replenishes some of the key ingredients you need for your joie-de- vivre. So grab a bag and get shopping, you’re sure to find something fresh in Kenmare.

The Co-op

Founded by locals the co- operative society on Bridge Street is growing rapidly. At their shop you can find organic and local produce, and their vegetarian café across the street has only the best ingredients to work with.

The Market

During the warmer parts of the year, a wonderful Farmer’s Market takes over the sidewalks on the Square. The stalls are filled with fresh food and products made by locals, including honey from mountain hives, fish from the bay, and cheeses from nearby farms.

The Shops

High quality local food is so abundant in Kenmare that even the shops carry a large selection. looking for fresh milk, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, meat, fish or veggies? You’ll find it all in the shops of Kenmare.