Brushwood Gallery

One of the most admirable qualities of the people that live in Ireland is their love of Family.

A close knit family unit is highly important to the Irish way of life, a trait born from an attachment to the land on which they live.

On the outskirts of Sneem, there is a quiet house, surrounded by forest and the best parts of the Kerry countryside. Inside, there is a special treat: the Brushwood Studios art gallery. On display are works by several different artists, and you’ll probably notice a common thread at once:

…The artists are all family.

The Mullers are a creative and kind bunch, filling their gallery with works from three generations of talented creators. There are abstract colour-bursts and landscapes by M.A. Muller, patterned rooms and towns by Jo-Anne Yelen, soft and muted fairy scenes on cloth by Pam Muller, and rich and emotive moments and portraits by Diana Muller. Etienne Muller builds kayaks in his dedicated workshop, and contributes his own paintings to the gallery. His wife Pam is a practicing homeopath, and runs her clinic out of their home beneath the gallery. the whole family writes poetry and prose, and their books give insight into their open-minded personal philosophies.

This country is famous for its hospitality, and this is a family that represents what is best about Ireland, proof that living freely on your own terms breeds a generous heart. Should you stop by for a visit, don’t be surprised if you end up inspired to move here yourself, and grow your own family with the same care and wisdom they have.

Brushwood Studios Art Gallery,
Sneem Road, Parknasilla Woods,
Sneem, Co Kerry