Just across Kenmare’s suspension bridge begins the Sheen Valley. The road stretches along and up into the Caha mountains, but not before passing through the village of Bonane.

Bonane is a quiet, peaceful place, surrounded by untouched nature. The locals, well aware of the attractions of their home, are welcoming and engaging, and many events are held in the area through- out the year. The rhythms of life here are consistent. Spring is for Lambing, Summer for Growth, Fall for Harvest, and Winter for Contemplation.

With an active community council, Bonane has recently developed a number of cycling routes and walking trails to showcase the stunnig scenery while keeping you fit.

Generations have thrived here…

Bonane & The Sheen Valley Heritage Area

The history of the area is also a draw, with ancient monuments and mines that show the valley was settled as far back as the Bronze Age, over 5500 years ago.

The Bonane Heritage Park offers a glimpse into how active the valley was, with a stone circle, the mysterious Rolls of Butter, a ring fort, and more. Also worth a visit further up the road is Molly Gallivans, an Irish farm and visitor centre where life is kept as it was over 200 years ago. Tour the farm, learn about breadmaking, or find out the secrets of the illicit home-made whiskey that Molly made.

Whatever you do in the Sheen Valley, its sure to be a great time for all.